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M&M Septic has built a solid reputation in the septic industry. Recognized for quality work and high standards we often lead the way with the latest technology and innovative techniques. Serving Oakland, Wayne and Washtenaw Counties for over 40 years M&M Septic is your #1 source for all of your septic needs.

Today's septic business is an ever-changing industry. There are so many new and innovative types of septic systems. We re-educate and re-certify ourselves on a regular basis...Click Here to learn more.

Is my Septic System failing?

Even properly designed and installed septic systems eventually fail; this fact is easy to forget when the system is buried and operating effectively. A failure has a serious effect, however. Sewage backs up into the building or gathers on the ground. People and animals may become ill, pollution may enter surface waters and shallow drinking water supplies and much dammage can occer. In addition to public health concerns, there is a costly repair bill. Normal activities are interrupted while the system is uncovered. Properly maintaining your septic tank, including having a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule, will extend the operating life of your septic field and make repairs easier to handle. A good start is knowing how to maintain the septic system and use it wisely...Click Here To Continue Reading

Why should I clean my septic tank regularly?

This reduces the sludge available to move into the field. Regard it as an investment, like paying a utility bill. It is best to clean your septic tank every 1-3 years. Cleaning reduces the sludge and lessens the potential for problems. The frequency of pumping depends on the amount of sewage produced... Click Here To Continue Reading